Protection Order Violation

A criminal protection order (restraining order) violation in Colorado can result from violating the terms of a civil or criminal protection order.  Most protection orders result from domestic violence cases, so Colorado courts take a potential violation pretty seriously and even an allegation without much evidence can land you in jail without bond.  A protection order violation (VPO) does not mean you contacted the protected person, because they also limit your right to firearms, alcohol, and more.

Getting a protection order violation in Colorado is very serious, because often this means you already have either a prior criminal history or a pending criminal case where the protection order originated. You could be charged with Violation of a Bail Bond Condition if you are on bond when you receive this charge.  This triples the consequences you face in Colorado.

Sometimes a violation is a completely false allegation, but you will have a hard time proving that to a district attorney and protecting your constitutional right to remain silent.  Most people who are falsely accused of violating a protection order only end up harming themselves and their case, when they try to explain to a district attorney their side of the story. The district attorney doesn’t believe them, and now they have further incriminated themselves.

You need to retain an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney to defend your case and your rights.  Whether you have been falsely accused or have made a mistake an attorney will help you.  Although violation of protection orders are misdemeanors in Colorado a conviction can permanently take away your right to firearms, affect your ability to rent a home, and restrict you from certain kinds of employment.

Possible Penalties for VPO in Colorado

Charge Penalty Minimum Maximum
1st VPO Jail Sentence 3 months 1 year
  Fine $250 $1,000
2nd VPO Jail Sentence 6 months 18 months
  Fine $500 $5,000

You will most likely also receive a probation sentence, classes, and useful public service in addition to the above penalties.  A sentence for a violation of protection order in Colorado also requires that is be served consecutively to any originating or underlying case (the case that the protection order originated from).

The McGuirk Law Group has the experience and ability to defend against your violation of protection order charge in Denver County or whichever county or city your are facing your charges in Colorado.  

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Real Results

A man wrongly accused of domestic violence charges, after a mutual argument with his wife that involved no physical contact, got his case dismissed after The McGuirk Law Group helped him successfully build a mitigation case that convinced the City Attorney that the charges were unnecessary. If you are facing domestic violence charges in the Denver area, contact Jody McGuirk to discuss your case.


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